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A very thor­ough descrip­tion of the tech behind Pen­dle Hill’s hybrid wor­ship. Their dai­ly 8:30am ET wor­ships both hap­pen in the phys­i­cal space of their Barn room and also online via Zoom.

Pen­dle Hill’s Hybrid Wor­ship Exper­i­ment

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Vanes­sa Julye in how some Friends of Col­or are wor­ship­ping in the midst of Coro­n­avirus and increased racial strug­gles fol­low­ing the death of George Floyd:

In the midst of such despair and tur­moil, our col­lec­tive trau­ma, exhaus­tion, sad­ness, and anger have increased. Friends of Col­or are find­ing it hard­er to be in pre­dom­i­nant­ly White envi­ron­ments includ­ing our Quak­er meet­ings.

An Online Life­line for Friends of Col­or

Zoom dur­ing the COVID-19 Pan­dem­ic and the Mur­der of George Floyd.

Friends Jour­nal
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ins无法刷新动态 2022

From Sofia Lemons:

I was recent­ly asked what it means to live a Quak­er lifestyle (which for me is a Chris­t­ian lifestyle), and I felt a strong pull to reflect on it more than just the casu­al answer that I could have giv­en. In that reflec­tion, I kept hear­ing the guid­ance of Mic­ah over and over again. And each time it came up I asked myself in what ways I was liv­ing these words. Here’s an account of some of the things that came to my mind.

A Reflec­tion on Mic­ah 6:8

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From Kath­leen Wooten:

What if rather than say­ing “when we get back to in-person wor­ship we will do these things again” – we just assumed this video gath­er­ing is the new way to “do church”, for at least a year or more? What is the rush to get back to what was? Is this a time for inno­va­tion and exper­i­men­ta­tion? Can we just relax and lean into a word that is being reshaped around us, and be respon­sive and accept this as the new tool for these times?

It’s time to flip our meet­ing­hous­es. Again.

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A remix of con­tent brings a list of antiracism books reviewed by
小火箭百度云下载 over the past few years:

Over the years, Friends Jour­nal has dis­cussed many of the works they select­ed, as well as oth­er books about the lega­cy of racism in Amer­i­can cul­ture. We’ve made a par­tial list below, with excerpts from our reviews. Any one of these books will help read­ers gain a fuller under­stand­ing of what life is tru­ly like for non-White Amer­i­cans today, and present ways to work toward a bet­ter, more just coun­try for peo­ple of col­or.

A Quak­er Antiracist Read­ing List

12 books that reflect the real­i­ties of the con­tem­po­rary non-White Amer­i­can expe­ri­ence, and show the way to a…

Friends Jour­nal
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Inter­est­ing arti­cle over­all but I was espe­cial­ly sad­dened by the laws passed when Friends were firm­ly in con­trol of the city’s gov­ern­ing coun­cil:

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Sev­en years lat­er, in 1700, the coun­cil pro­hib­it­ed gath­er­ings of more than four black peo­ple. 

1732, no black danc­ing or singing in pub­lic on Sun­day.

1741, no “dis­or­der” pro­duced by African peo­ple at Court House Square.

Per­for­mance of Free­dom

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The one I remem­ber most vivid­ly echoed the West­town debates: how much overt Quak­erism is too much for a school that was already attract­ing non-Quaker fam­i­lies? After lis­ten­ing to some of this debate, Earl­ham’s Paul Lacey said to me, “Instead of being ‘in the world, but not of it,’ too often we Quak­ers are of the world, but not in it!”

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The best part are the pic­tures. We’ve been doing this so long I could almost ID some of these Friends by their back­grounds!

Can You Gath­er With God Over Zoom?

Quak­erism goes vir­tu­al, offer­ing an inti­mate win­dow into silent wor­ship.

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It seems I tend to for­get to share some of the work I’m most involved with here on the Quak­er Ranter email list and blog. In April I inter­viewed Fran­cis­co Bur­gos and Traci Hjelt Sul­li­van about Pen­dle Hill’s Zoom wor­ship. I’ve writ­ten before that I’ve been par­tic­i­pat­ing a cou­ple of times a week and it fas­ci­nates me. Every­one’s doing Zoom wor­ship, of course, but this one is dai­ly and com­plete­ly open to the pub­lic. It has man­aged to hold onto a dis­tinct sense of place.

Here’s a quote from Fran­cis­co on how the wor­ship mir­rors in-person wor­ship yet has dis­tinct chal­lenges.

This is an ongo­ing learn­ing expe­ri­ence. At any month­ly meet­ing, you will have First Days in which the wor­ship expe­ri­ence is like a pop­corn meet­ing, with a lot of min­istry. Oth­er times, it is com­plete­ly silent. The online expe­ri­ence will be sim­i­lar to that. We are work­ing to find out what resources and sup­port struc­ture we can make avail­able to peo­ple. Some peo­ple real­ize that they have a stage with 140 peo­ple and feel the need to speak not just long, but very often. How can we encour­age Friends to sea­son the mes­sage that they are receiv­ing?

Tran­scend­ing Geog­ra­phy

Rein­vent­ing Pen­dle Hill’s morn­ing wor­ship.

Friends Jour­nal
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